About Florida Title and Guarantee

About SureClose

SureClose — Access to Real Estate Transactions Anytime, Anywhere. Click. Connect. Close.

SureClose is a secure, online transaction and communication management platform that saves time for all parties involved in the real estate transaction. Buyers, sellers, real estate agents and brokers, lenders, settlement service providers and Florida Title and Guarantee agents can access dynamic information online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When the sales contract has been signed and put into escrow, Florida Title and Guarantee becomes the transaction manager, working for all of the parties to bring about a timely, successful closing. Parties in the closing process can monitor the progress of the transaction; view, print and download information; post and receive messages; receive automatic event notifications; order settlement services and exchange documents.

SecureClose Program Features:

24×7 Access on the Internet – convenience; accessibility
  • Password-protected Web site
  • Eliminates concerns about office hours or time zones
  • Displays transaction information at a glance
  • Imports listing information, including property photos, from certain MLS systems (photos can also be uploaded with file information)
  • Displays property detail
  • Displays all parties in the transaction, including contact information

Customizable Calendars increase efficiency
  • Automatically schedules tasks and places them on the calendar
  • Select pre-defined calendar views
  • Displays pending tasks for one file or many files
  • Updates calendars when tasks are complete
  • Sends automatic notification of completed tasks by e-mail or fax

Other General Features
  • Secure – settings by the transaction manager ensure that buyers can’t see seller-specific documents and vice-versa
  • Connects all parties in a real estate transaction
  • Provides intuitive menus and search capabilities for easy navigation
  • Eliminates status tracking
  • Eliminates phone-tag between multiple parties
  • Reduces time delays
  • Eliminates miscommunication
  • Reduces courier and overnight mail fees
  • Monitors transaction progress
  • View, print and download information
  • Post and receive messages
  • Receive automatic event notifications
  • Order settlement services
  • Exchange documents