Buyer's General Closing Information

New Mortgage: If you are obtaining a mortgage to purchase the property, please advise us as to the name and contact information of your mortgage lender. Your lender and our company will work in conjunction with one another in order to obtain all necessary forms for the closing and also to complete the Closing Settlement Statement. Once the Closing Settlement Statement is approved by your lender, exact closing figures will be given to you.

Closing Funds: You will need to arrange for a wire transfer for the cash to close funds on the day of closing or the day before. Please contact us and we will provide you with written instructions to give to your bank in order to correctly route the transfer of funds. Note: If you are a Bank of America customer, verify they are sending a wire and not making a bank to bank transfer, or ACH deposit. These will cause a delay in your closing as these do not post timely.

If you are relocating from another State, and if you would like to have the proceeds of the sale of your existing home wired to our escrow account to be applied in whole or in part to the purchase, please contact us. We will call the title agent for your sale, and we will provide them with the written wiring instructions. Any overage not used for the purchase, will be tendered to you at the closing.

Photo Identification: At the time of closing, it is required that each purchaser provide an official form of identification to our closing agent. This must include a photo ID, such as your Driver’s License, or a Passport. Some lenders require two forms of ID.

Condominium or Homeowner’s Association Approval: If you are purchasing a Condominium, you may be required to file an application with the Condominium Association for approval as a purchaser within the time frame provided for in your contact. Once you are approved, please have the Association issue to you the Certificate of Approval. You must bring this Certificate to closing, as it needs to be recorded with the deed. If you are buying a property that is not a Condominium, but is governed by an Association, you may be required to follow the same procedure. Please inquire to the Association as to whether a Certificate of Approval is required or not. If the property is a Condominium, you should receive from the Seller a set of the Association’s governing documents, per the timeframe on your purchase contract.

Closing By Mail: If you cannot attend the closing, please advise us as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to coordinate a “mailaway closing”. This will allow our company, along with the mortgage lender, to get documents to you by overnight mail. You must take these documents to your local notary for signing. Once all documents are complete, you will be asked to return them to our company by the closing date. Note, if you will be traveling out of the country, arrangements will need to be made to notarize at the American Consulate’s office. The notary may not be a family member.

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