Buyer's General Closing Information

Closing date and Document signing: This is the date on the purchase contract. If the parties to the transaction agree in writing to close on a date other than the date set forth on the contract, please contact us and advise us of same. All parties that are taking title to the property will be required to sign the closing documentation. If married, and taking title in one spouse’s name only, the non-title holder spouse will be required to sign certain documents when the property being purchased is intended to be homestead or primary residence.

Title to your Property: Your name will appear on the title to your property as set forth on the contract or the mortgage lender’s instruction sheet. If you desire any other variation, please contact us. You should inquire as to the implications of how you take title. If appropriate, these choices may include Husband and Wife (Tenants by the Entireties), Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship, Tenants in Common, as a Trustee of a properly formed Trust Agreement, or as another legal entity. Feel free to consult legal counsel regarding these options.

Scope of Services: This office will perform settlement services on your behalf. Settlement services are, in general, ordering the tile search, the examination of title; processing the title requirements; ordering surveys; complying with homeowner’s association requirements for copies of transfer documents; coordinating with the lender; preparing the closing statement, title insurance commitment and issuance of the final title insurance policy; conducting the closing; recording documents in the public records, and disbursing and balancing escrow funds.

Costs Advanced: In order for you to meet your contractual obligations in a timely manner, and to comply with your lender’s requirements, this office will request a title search, a title examination, and upon specific request, municipal lien search, survey of the property, and account information from the Association, if applicable. Our office may advance the funds for these necessary items. Payment for the costs that pertain to the Purchaser will be reflected on your closing statement.

We look forward to a successful closing!

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